Scholarships & Awards

Scholarships & Awards

Each year, we award scholarships to deserving students for academic achievement, community involvement, and enthusiastic Collins spirit.

To be considered for these funding opportunities, you will need to complete the general application, which consists of answering 7 required questions, electronically signing, and submitting. This application may be submitted at any time during the academic year, but you will not be considered for awards in the system until it is submitted.

The general application contains many questions which are designed for undergraduate applicants applying to IU. Continuing undergraduate and graduate students need only complete the required 7 questions. The College has created a guide for those students on how to navigate to and complete this general application.

NOTE: one of the required questions is whether you have or will file a FAFSA for the coming year. Since some funding opportunities are given to students who demonstrate financial need, please consider filing the FAFSA to provide the greatest access to funding.

Once you’ve completed the general application, you will be sent emails about specific opportunities for which you are initially eligible, but may need to provide additional materials. These opportunities will tell you exactly what is needed, including things like your CV and letters of recommendation.You can read about past winners by clicking on the “Learn more” buttons below.

All awards are funded by alumni contributions and recipients are chosen by a committee of faculty and staff. Please note that eligibility to receive financial awards or scholarships may be limited if IU considers your financial need to have already been met. Awards are only available to current Collinsites.

Each application requires a short statement (250-500 words) describing why you deserve this award.

Retention Award

This award is intended for current Collinsites who plan to return to Collins LLC next year. It is awarded based on a student’s current involvement and planned future involvement in the LLC. The $1000 award is renewable as long as you live within the buildings of Collins LLC.

Retention Award

Ernest and Eva Bernhardt-Kabisch Award (academic excellence)

This $300 award is for a current Collinsite who combines academic excellence with involvement in the Collins community. Although not a GPA contest, the awards committee will look at the applicant’s/nominee’s transcript.

Ernest and Eva Bernhardt-Kabisch Award

Carl Ziegler Service Award

This $300 award is for a current Collinsite who has made a significant service contribution to the Bloomington community.

Carl Ziegler Service Award

Patricia Templeton Patrick Award (diversity)

This $300 award is for a current Collinsite who has made a significant contribution to advancing diversity at Collins, IU, or the Bloomington community.

Patricia Templeton Patrick Award

Freshman Award

This $300 award is intended to encourage current freshmen at Collins to engage in the community in multiple ways: by joining various existing student groups, by developing new initiatives, by the completion of a thoughtful Q project that builds community at Collins, and/or by taking on a position of student leadership.

Freshman Award

Elissa Bradley Award (Collins spirit)

This award, up to $1,000, is for a current Collinsite who has been especially active in promoting the mission of the Center as in the values of academics, community, diversity, sustainable living, and student empowerment.

Elissa Bradley Award