Study at Collins

Collins Library

On the top floor of Edmondson ("the tower"), there is a small library that is open from late afternoon through evening. It houses a collection of books, CDs, videos, and DVDs. The collection is continually growing, and students are welcome to request media.

You will find the Collins Library a relaxing space to study, with its tall leaded windows, comfortable easy chairs, and carved wooden owls watching over the room. There are also study carrels and space for small group meetings.

Contact the Collins Library:

(812) 855-5626

Edmondson Formal Lounge

The Edmondson Formal Lounge (or Ed Formal, as it's usually called) is used for many different activities. Most of the time, you can find residents relaxing, studying, and socializing on the comfy couches and chairs.

In Ed Formal, students can access the IU wireless network with their laptops. Some Collins instructors hold their office hours here.

Lining the wall of the lounge are our black boards, which include pictures and descriptions of Collins residents, programs, and organizations from the past year. Also in Ed Formal is a refurbished Steinway grand piano that was built in 1926.