Options Courses

Collins Options courses

These one-, two-, or three-credit courses focus on the environment, service, diversity, and the arts. They provide the opportunity to become immersed in hands-on participation in the local community. Below are some examples of recently offered classes:

  • Arts: A recent drawing course focused on portraiture. Emphasis was placed on capturing not only the physical likeness but also the personality of the sitter. The class culminated with a “family portrait” assignment where students created a family map based off of memory and photographic images.
  • Sustainability: A course that has been offered several times, “Edible Wild Plants,” takes you out into the field (and woods, meadows, and wetlands) to locate, identify, draw, and sample local native edible plants.
  • Service: Every spring, you have the opportunity to take a course that provides support to the RISE kids at Middle Way House (the transitional housing shelter for survivors, and their children, who are transiting out of violent relationships), through our Spring Break for Kids course. Activities might include hiking at McCormick’s Creek State Park, visiting local museums, swimming at the YMCA, and much more.
  • Diversity: A new course introduces students to intercultural communication through readings, discussions, and interactive learning.

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