Self-Government, the Arts, & Sustainability

Three guiding principles


Self-Government has been the core of Collins, ever since a group of students compelled the university to bring a Living-Learning center to the Quad way back in 1972, through coordinated, organized protest. Today, Collins is the home of the most active student government on campus. There’s much more, though: students manage budgets and arts facilities, run a non-profit café, teach classes, and interview instructors wishing to teach at Collins. You can even earn internship credit while engaging in student leadership.

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The Arts

The arts are everywhere in Collins, starting from the stained-glass windows inside our front door. Collins has facilities for art that you may be familiar with, and other art forms you may not have tried, but would like to. Many Collins students study in the Eskenazi School of Art, Architecture and Design, but others are simply interested in artistic expression. You’ll find both in our studios and in the Arts Council.

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Sustainability underlies the way Collins students think about their place in the world. Many of them are active in SustainCollins, a group of students (from a wide variety of majors) devoted to the study and practice of sustainability. Others are active in the environmental group E-Force. Throughout the year, classes and events invite Collinsites to engage with their environment and to work to make it better.

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