Retention Award

Retention award

These awards are intended for current Collinsites who plan to return to Collins next year. For 2020, these awards will only be given to students intending to join the Collins LLC community hosted in Foster-Shea for the 2020-2021 school year. There are multiple awards at $1000, renewable as long as you live within the Collins LLC community.

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Retention award recipients

2019: Bethany Habegger, Aaron Sizemore

2018: Tristan Britt, Lydia Byers, Allison Neal, Regine Vincent

2017: Kae Bonaguro, Audrey Wahl, Kristi Schultz, David Benton

2016: David Benton, Aimes Dobbins, Kristi Schultz, Delilah Owens

2015: Nathan Abbott, Michelle Lesniewski

2014: Dan Arndt, Ash Kulak, Samantha Loza, Cleo Hernandez