Retention Award

Retention award

These awards are intended for current Collinsites who plan to return to Collins next year. There are multiple awards at $1000, renewable as long as you live within the Collins LLC community.

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Retention award recipients

2020: Bethany Habegger, Aaron Sizemore, Shannon Master, Ellie Bezotte, Soleil Gohoure, Dylan Haseman, Sydney Weber, Yash Agrawal

2019: Bethany Habegger, Aaron Sizemore

2018: Tristan Britt, Lydia Byers, Allison Neal, Regine Vincent

2017: Kae Bonaguro, Audrey Wahl, Kristi Schultz, David Benton

2016: David Benton, Aimes Dobbins, Kristi Schultz, Delilah Owens

2015: Nathan Abbott, Michelle Lesniewski

2014: Dan Arndt, Ash Kulak, Samantha Loza, Cleo Hernandez