What is a Living-Learning Center (LLC)?

A Living-Learning Center is a residential space designed to bring students interested in common goals together. In addition to being a residence hall, an LLC has funding, dedicated facilities, staff support, and distinct academic options. You must apply to live in an LLC.

What’s unique about Collins?

  • Collins includes students from all departments, majors, schools, and colleges. Admission is first come, first served.
  • Collins’ councils and organizations are all student-run.
  • Collins students take classes taught by other Collinsites and by instructors chosen by the Collins Board of Educational Programming.
  • Collins has a Community Council that coordinates an endless array of programming planned by Collinsites, from music talent shows to presentations by international visiting scholars.
  • Collins’ Art Council coordinates studios for: audio and video recording, ceramics, photography, publications, textiles, silk screen-printing (all available to residents). Collins also has its own cinema.
  • Collins is home to SustainCollins, an environment and sustainability-themed living-learning program focused on one floor in Cravens Hall, as well as several sustainability-focused student groups.
  • We’re excited to welcome our first class of students into ACT Humanities at Collins LLC. Based on a foundation of “Action + Community + Thought,” this new program encourages students to explore community change, social justice, and professional development experiences through humanities-focused programming.
  • The IU Dining location at Collins offers a wonderful variety of vegetarian, vegan, and meat-eater all-you-care-to-eat options.
  • Collins has a student-run café, the Cheshire Café.
  • Collins students are known for their high GPAs.

How much does it cost?

  • Housing costs can be found here, on the Residential Programs & Services Housing website. After clicking on the year's cost breakdown you can find Collins in Central - Standard with AC category.
  • Starting in Fall 2022, Collins will fall within the "Standard with Air Conditioning" room type cost category. Hillcrest, our apartments for returning upperclassmen, have rates that are listed separately.
  • Collins LLC has a $100/semester activity fee, which students are able to make use of for programming, facilities upkeep and support, field trips and more. Students decide how this money is spent each year.