Elissa Bradley Award

Elissa Bradley award (Collins spirit)

This award, up to $1,000, is for a current Collinsite who has been especially active in promoting the mission of the Center as expressed in its core values: academics, community, diversity, sustainable living, and student empowerment.

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Elissa Bradley award recipients


  • Heather Ahmann: Collins LLC President and highly engaged member of the community who participated in several events, boards/councils, and represented students at renovation meetings.
  • Levi Gettleman: BOEP co-chair, Theatre Coordinator, Arts Council member, Community Council member, Marketing Committee member, Q-instructor.


  • Mike Randall: Q-instructor, Arts Council member, Photography Coordinator, Yearbook Staff Photographer, frequent submitter to the Collins Columns, Cheshire Cafe co-manager and barista, BOEP book club member
  • Lydia Allerellie: Philanthropy Council member, Board of Programmers member, Marketing Committee member, Arts Council member, Yearbook editor, contributor to many community initiatives
  • Kyle Kristoff: Community Council Chair, Philanthropy Council member, Collins Ace/Aromantic support group member, Dean's list


  • Jennie Moran: Co-editor of Collins Columns, barista at The Cheshire Cafe, Arts Council member, contributor to many community initiatives
  • Aaron Sizemore: Collins Historian and organizer of the Fall 2019 celebration of the historical marker, creator of several Collins history boards that now hang in the Formal Lounge, creator of the Collins flag, founder of the Collins Trans and Nonbinary Support Group, audio/music coordinator and Arts Council member, Community Council member, contributor to many community initiatives


  • Adam Dougherty: Co-coordinator of E-force, Collins representative on the RHA sustainability board, helped out with Welcome Week and other Collins activities, Vice President and later President of Collins, Q-instructor for two semesters, Collins Yearbook editor, organizing photographers and designing a vessel for Collins culture and history, helped further sustainability by passing a bill requiring Collins student government events to meet green event standards, helped pass bills at the campus student government level that helped Collins residents maintain their physical health, in partnership with Residential Sports
  • Nicole Strouts: Board of Programmers, Collins Student Government Historian, Finance Director for Fee Committee, and Design Editor for The Pipe and the Barrow


  • Rylan Deer: for immersion in the Collins community, production of a drag show with and for Collinsites, interstate competitions in Ballroom with IUB and Treasurer services on Community Council


  • Jesse Grantz: Collins Center President, active in RHA promoting community voice and sustainability, Q-instructor, center desk worker 


  • Cleo Hernandez: regular attendee of BOEP programs (such as Arik Ascherman talk and Margaret Warner dinner), Community Council Chair, Welcome Week Co-Chair, Duty Office Hourly, BOEP member, Q-199 Instructor, SOA treasurer, active outside of Collins as a First Year Experience Intern with the IU Office of Sustainability and President and Treasurer of Diversity in Action (Hutton Honors College student group)


  • Emily Kehoe: was director of philanthropy, a barista at the Cheshire Café, co-coordinator of assistants for Welcome Week, a planner for Hogwarts Week, and a member of Community Council, outside of Collins, Emily worked at Middle Way House and volunteered at Girls Inc.


  • Samantha Loza: Active in BOEP serving as secretary and future co-chair, and helped with Hogwarts Week, a WW assistant and hourly at the Center Desk