Offices & Annex

Center Desk

The Collins Center Desk is located in the lobby of Edmondson. It’s an important administrative center for our residents and often a beehive of activity.

The Center Desk staff is on hand to answer your questions about residential living.

Room check-in and check-out are both completed here. Mail and packages are delivered to the desk, making the Center Desk a daily stop for most residents. Locked out of your room? You can stop by to check out a temporary key (but only once for free!).

Applications for Student Government positions and jobs at Collins, as well as other paperwork are usually turned in to the Center Desk. You can sign out keys for the darkroom, ceramics studio, and other arts facilities.

Food, clothing, or book drive donation boxes are often set up at the free literature table nearby, where you can also pick up IU, Bloomington, and Collins publications and other info.

Duty Office

Staff members in the Duty Office suite include:

  • Yara Clüver, Associate Director of Academics, Publications, and Art
  • Lindsay Brown, Assistant Director of Finances, Admissions, Programming, and Alumni
  • Leigh Davis, Student Services Assistant

The Duty Office suite is located just off the Formal Lounge, on the first floor of Edmondson Hall on the Main Quad.

The Annex

Staff members in the Annex include:

  • Lara Kriegel, Director of Collins LLC and Professor, Departments of History and English.

In the Annex, you'll also find the Ceramics Studio in the basement and the Audio/Video Production and Student Publications studio upstairs. Residents can contact the student coordinators to learn to use the equipment and to get a key.