Living & Location

The most beautiful residence hall on campus

We’re proud of the quad’s rich history that dates back to the 1920s. You’ll enjoy the neo-Gothic limestone Collins buildings that surround a picturesque Quad. Even more, you’ll love the neighborhood. Collins is situated within sight of central campus, only two blocks from the Indiana Memorial Union, the Intramural Center, and Luddy Hall at the School of Informatics. In our neighborhood, you will also find many of the student cultural centers, including the LGBTQ+ Culture Center, the Asian Culture Center, and La Casa Latino Cultural Center. If your focus is sustainability, you’ll be glad to find many of IU's environmental programs, including IU's E-House and the Food Institute, in the neighborhood as well. And you can’t live any closer to downtown Bloomington than in Collins!

The Main Quad

Three buildings—Edmondson, Cravens, and Smith—make up the Main Quad at the corner of 10th Street and Woodlawn Avenue. They include single and double rooms. Here you'll also find the Collins IU Dining Eatery, the student-run Cheshire Café, a large formal lounge, student programming spaces, floor lounges, the Coffeehouse, classrooms, and offices. Right next to our buildings is a little house called the Collins Annex, which houses an audio/video production studio, a theatre costume/prop closet, ceramics studio, and the office of our Faculty Director.


The Hillcrest Apartments on 10th and Fess, a few blocks from the Main Quad, provide more independent living. Students who have lived at Collins for at least one year may apply to live in Hillcrest. It’s one of the ways we encourage our current residents to stay on as community leaders and mentors to our freshmen. In addition to a larger living space, Hillcrest residents have kitchens and bathrooms in their apartments. Hillcrest is also home to our Clubhouse, which opened in fall 2015, and includes our traditional photo dark room, visual arts/printmaking studio, textiles studio, cinema, and digital arts lab (with VR technology). You can find