Arts Facilities

Exploring at Collins

Collins features an exciting range of arts and publications studios and equipment, along with lots of arts programming coordinated through our Arts Council.

Our arts facilities foster an atmosphere of creativity that helps to define Collins. Equipment for check-out is handled through the Duty Office, while access to facilities is through the student coordinator for that facility, who also provides regular training opportunities to those wanting to learn more.

Arts facilities located in the Hillcrest Clubhouse (basement level)


Available to any Collinsite who would like to show or view a film. This is a great place to hold events, meetings, and workshops that require film screenings. Enjoy the large screen and surround-sound, as well as comfy couches.

Digital Arts + Publications

A space for digital arts at Collins. This room is used for laying out our publications: The Collins Columns, Dancing Star literary magazine, The Pipe and the Barrow, and The Lantern yearbook. It also houses our digital photography equipment.


We have both traditional photography facilities, with three enlargers for printing (stocked with chemistry for your use), and a digital photography lab. The digital lab features a negative scanner (that will do medium format as well); a Macintosh computer running Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign; and an Epson 2200 printer for exhibition quality prints. Through the Duty Office, you can also check out both digital and negative film cameras, a 4x5 view camera, and flash equipment and tripods.


Printmaking space

We have a silk screen printing set-up and materials for printing t-shirts or paper prints.


Textiles studio

This facility is supported by three weaving looms, and a number of sewing machines. Workshops are offered in knitting, crocheting, sewing, and other fiber arts.

Ceramic pot as it is being formed
Close up of a loom creating a colorful textile

Arts facilities located in the Collins Annex (corner of 9th and Park Ave.)

Audio Production and Video Production

A space for our audio production and video production equipment. Contains a Mac running Pro Tools for mixing tracks. Record spoken word, theatrical, or musical performances here. Also available for use through check-out in the Duty Office are high end digital video cameras, tripods, and boom mics.



Our most popular arts facility features numerous wheels, including a kick wheel, kilns for firing, slab tables and tools for working. Clay and glazes are provided.

Arts at Collins

Check out this video made by one of our residents about the arts at Collins: