Groups that fund projects/plans at Collins

Arts Council

Arts Council considers funding requests for any event or community project that focuses on the arts—visual, performance, musical, and written art projects are all accepted. Funding proposals will only be considered if the requester is present at the meeting, so be sure to attend to answer questions and present your idea

Board of Educational Programming

Not only does BOEP select Collins courses and plan professor dinners and other events, but also serves as a funding board for residents who want to plan projects and programs that have an educational element to them. The educational focus doesn’t necessarily have to be academic. Example events include museum trips, science demonstrations, documentary screenings, caving trips, and so much more!

Board of Governors

Made up of representatives from each floor, BOG serves as an elected legislative body. BOG is the only funding board that will hear floor-specific or group-specific requests as well as community event proposals. Events funded by BOG cannot be open only to LLC members. Otherwise, generally anything goes as long as it provides something valuable to the Collins community.

Community Council

Community Council is open to any Collins resident to attend and vote. CC hears both space requests and funding requests. The only requirement for CC funding requests is that the event or project must be open to the entire community—floor events will not be heard or accepted.


Anyone who wants to do a sustainability based project can request funding from SustainCollins. Fill out a funding request and turn it in at the Duty Office. You’ll hear back from the floor’s peer mentors about your request.

Other Sources of Funding

Sometimes Collins Student Government may choose to work with residents on a case by case basis, and funding can be provided from a specific director’s budget. Additionally, large one-time expenses may be requested from Fee Committee, which meets roughly once a semester. Contact the Fee Committee chair for more information.

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