This peer taught class helps you integrate into the Collins, IU, and Bloomington communities. Through active assignments and readings, you intellectually explore the five principles of Collins (academics, community, diversity, empowerment, and sustainable living) with the guidance of current resident instructors. The course culminates in a “Q project,” where residents contribute to the community through the active interpretation of one (or more) of Collins’ key values.

Why Q-Class?

  • Q-Class gives you a chance to bring problems, concerns, and questions to an understanding group of peers on a regular basis. Your Q classmates may become some of your first college friends.
  • Q-Class shows you how to utilize the many resources available to you at Collins -- including staff, student groups, equipment, labs, and studios -- as well as how to plan and get funding for your own program ideas.
  • Q-Class can help you make the adjustment to the relative freedom and new responsibilities of college.
  • Q-Class can help you find a niche at IU and in the Bloomington community, and help you relate to others with whom you may think you don't have much in common.

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Interested in teaching a Q-Class?

Incoming juniors and seniors are eligible to teach.

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