See How to Use Collins Funding

Learn more about using the IU Procurement Card (P-Card)

The IU Procurement Card (P-Card) is a credit card you will be able to check out in the Duty Office. Please limit purchases to less than $500. It is limited to a 24-hour check out.

Please tell the cashier that we are tax exempt when making a purchase. The tax exemption number is in the upper left corner on the front of the card.

You must remember to keep all receipts and return them to the Duty Office along with the card. Please make sure the receipts are itemized.

You are liable for any spending done with the card from the time you receive it until the time you return it. Your liability is only lifted when you return the card and the receipt (or multiple receipts) to the appropriate entity and spending has been done in accordance with your proposal.

Considerations and Restrictions for P-Card Usage

Common restrictions to the P-Card that you should keep in mind

  • No alcohol

  • No gift cards

  • No plants or flowers

  • No purchases from E-bay, Goodwill, Salvation Army or other thrift/secondhand stores

  • No software

  • No travel

  • No Sam’s Club

Gift Cards
If you need to buy gift cards for any reason, please contact our assistant director and they will be able to help you obtain them. Please be sure to plan ahead as these take a while to order!

Considerations for Use of the P-Card

  • When possible, please ask the assistant director to place online orders for you to reduce the amount of time a credit card is in circulation.

  • If you are placing orders for food delivery that evening, please try to do your ordering from the Duty Office between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. so the credit card can be promptly returned.

  • If you must check out the card overnight, please return it first thing (9 a.m.) in the morning.

  • Ideally, unless you need the credit card for multiple purchases at various vendors, you will return the card within a few hours of check-out so someone else can use it later.

  • We are strongly advising that you NOT use your personal funds for Collins purchases. The reimbursement process will be more time-consuming and you may not receive a reimbursement for several weeks. Reimbursement is possible in an emergency situation but please try to plan ahead and check out a P-Card before shopping or ordering items for your program.

Penalties for Misuse

  • You MUST return all receipts in a timely fashion. If you lose or forget your receipt, you will be responsible for obtaining a copy or the original. You will have one week to bring the receipt to our office or you will be responsible for refunding the money to the university.

  • If you lose a receipt and do not report it to the staff, you will be asked to refund the purchase AND you will lose credit card privileges for the rest of the year.

  • If you are late returning a credit card to the duty office and do not notify us, you will lose credit card privileges for the rest of the year.

  • If the credit card is lost or stolen while in your possession, please notify the staff as soon as possible.

Purchases at Kroger and Amazon and arrangements for travel/guest speakers

Travel and Guest Speakers

Trip-planning and hosting guest speakers are still possible. Please contact our assistant director at least one month in advance of the trip or guest and they will help you make arrangements.


Use of personal rewards cards is prohibited when using a P-Card. In order to take advantage of discounts at Kroger, please enter the following alternate ID: 8128552223. That will give you the discount while giving awards benefits to the university.


Ideally, Amazon purchases should be made in advance and the P-Card should not be used on this website. IU has a contract with Amazon where we get discounts, tax exemption, and free shipping when the item is marked as Prime. If there is something you would like ordered from Amazon, please send the link after your funding has been approved (