Uses of the Past - Queering Gender and Sexuality

CLLC-L 220 / Class 35751 — Fall 2024

Collins Edmondson Hall C112
Days and Times
M/W 10:20 – 11:35 am
Course Description

Queering Gender and Sexuality will explore the changing ideologies of gender and sexuality in the United States, from 1870-1940. Trans* & Lesbian experiences and identities will be highlighted in the readings and as analytic tools for understanding the shifting nature of gender and sexuality throughout the time period. Students will learn about performative and identity-based theories of gender and sexuality, while also examining the times and ways in which gender and sexuality were variously understood on a spectrum from mutually constitutive to completely independent. The course will be primarily discussion based, in small and whole group settings, to engage with the historical content. The Midterm and final projects are opportunities to critically and creatively engage with the themes of the course, bridging the past and present. 

Instructor: Max Monegan