Collins Options Course - Internship in Student Self-Governance and Management

CLLC-X 273 / CLASS 9653

Course Description

For more information contact Collins Director, Lara Kriegel at

The internship is connected to a self-government or management position in Collins. Examples include, but are not limited to: Student Government officer, Board of Programming, Board of Educational Programming, Arts Council, Cheshire Café management, publication editor. Interested students may propose other areas of Collins self-government and management, as long as that position furnishes enough hours to qualify for the desired credit hours.

Students will keep a weekly journal of their activities; this will not simply chronicle hours, but describe the processes and interactions that produce effective results in self-government or management. Students will meet regularly with the Collins LLC Director, who will be the instructor of record, to reflect on what they have learned and to plan ahead. Students enrolled for one credit submit one reflective paper at the end of the semester, in which they are encouraged to take a critical stance toward their work and its outcomes. How could the position be designed differently? What could be changed in the work process or organizational structure? What were the biggest successes and why? Students enrolled in two or three credits submit a midterm reflection and one at the end.

Expected hours of logged work for the internship: 45 hours per credit. Three credits is roughly ten hours of work per week.

This internship is mostly self-driven, as the student works in the position to which s/he has been elected or appointed. The journal, the written assignments, and regular meetings with the instructor will enable the student to evaluate the advantages and potential of self-government and management in a student residence/living-learning center, and to recognize how those skills and experience can translate into useful career assets.