Collins Columns

Collins Columns

What is the Collins Columns? It's your local sweet weekly zine. What's a zine? It's a thing full of stuff that people around Collins make. Oh hey, so that includes you if you live here! The Columns belongs to the residents here at Collins and is open for submission every week. It's your local print forum of sorts so please don't hesitate to send us all your drawings, poems, rambles, essays, and the like. We have a weekly theme too but we take everything. Also if you want to help us or ask questions, send us an email at

Submission policy

Anyone can submit to the Collins Columns! Anything you submit will be published. However, we do not accept submissions that are antagonistic, derogatory towards any group or individual, spreads hate speech, or generally conflicts with the values of Collins LLC and the community agreement that was signed upon becoming a resident. If you have any questions, please contact the editors.

How to submit

It's super easy! Send us a high-res pdf, jpg, or word document to, or you can leave a submission in the treasure chest located in the Duty Office. The Duty Office is open from 9 a.m.-5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Submissions for the week close every Saturdays at 5pm.

Anything from poems, journal entries, essays, one-liners, long jokes, memoirs, math solutions, rants, philosophical questionings, comic strips, lists, pictures, doodles, scribbles, works of art, discussion topics, advice, praise, reviews, arguments, political opinions, fan-fics, normal fics, recipes, or basically anything else you can think of that can fit on a standard 8.5" x 11" sheet of paper.

Collins Columns Co-Editors

Goodman Murphy-Smith (he/him)

Goodman Murphy-Smith (he/him)

Columns Co-Editor


Hi everybody I’m Goodman! I’m a sophomore studying media production, but I also have a folklore minor which is way cooler and more mysterious. This year I’m indentured as the Literary Arts Coordinator, a Columns Co-Editor, and a BOEP programmer. I go nuts over horror stuff and in my free time I love watching spooky movies and writing spooky stories/poetry (and hanging out with my friends if they deserve it). As one might expect I’m also wayy into filmmaking and photography. Please talk to me anytime for literally any reason I welcome it!! :)