Q299 is taught during the second eight weeks of every spring semester and prepares current Collins residents (who will be upperclassmen) to teach Q199 the following fall semester.

This is an excellent leadership experience, especially if teaching is a future career goal, and a wonderful resume builder.

Interested candidates should contact Yara Clüver at ycluver@indiana.edu to set up an interview in late fall. In order to be considered for an interview, you have to have completed Q199 at Collins.

Q299 will prepare students in the following areas (some prior familiarity with these is recommended):

  • Collins and its history, mission and five core principles
  • Collins organizations and leadership opportunities
  • How to program within Collins
  • Student resources at IU
  • Opportunities for involvement in the larger Bloomington community

Q199 instructors are responsible for preparing lesson plans, teaching the course and evaluating student work.

Candidates should be mature, responsible and organized individuals who can handle the additional workload of teaching a class, while also being full time students at IU. There is monetary compensation for teaching the course.