Environmental Force (E-Force)

E-Force is at the heart of sustainability at Collins. This group invites residents, staff, faculty, and community members to come together to offer creative ways to further campus environmental efforts. From composting to recycling, scent sachets to soap, round-table discussions to environmentally themed field trips, educational workshops to hikes in the woods, and energy-saving programs (including spearheading the IU Energy Challenge), E-Force values student-driven projects aimed at sparking sustainable habits at a pivotal time in young people’s lives, and fostering a community with such shared goals.

Co-Chairs of E-Force

Amelia Bucher (she/her)

Amelia Bucher (she/her)

Co-Chair, E-Force

  • ambucher@iu.edu

Hello! My name is Amelia and I am a freshman currently majoring in Law and Public Policy with a minor in Environmental Science. In addition to being one of the E-Force Co-Chairs, I am a member of SustainCollins, and a participant in community council. I first got into the environment during high school with my involvement in my school’s environmental action club, and since then, it has been my goal to incorporate sustainability into my own and others’ lives. In my free time in enjoy listening to music (mainly The Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, or Hozier), reading, journaling, or spending time in nature.