Collins Options Course - Intervening with Children: Childhood Survivors of Domestic Violence

CLLC L100 / CLASS 3989 — Spring 2021

Three young boys pose with their arms crossed
Cravens B
Days and Times
W 6:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m., 2 credits
Course Description

This course will examine the impact of poverty, homelessness, domestic violence, and child abuse on children.Students will gain an understanding of theories related to the causes of these social issues and theories related to intervening with children and increasing resilience. The course will also explore intersectionality and its impact on survivors receivingservices.This course is a service-learning course and will have an online service component where students engage with children who come from these backgrounds through online service activities.Students will produce five activities through zoom meetings or pre-recorded videos that engage children in the areas of leadership, self-worth, self-advocacy, community building, and/or social justice.

Special schedule: Feb 17, 24; March 3, 10, 24, and 31; and dates to be specified for the service component, working with children at The Rise!.

Instructor: Monte Simonton