Past Visiting Artists & Scholars

Past visiting artists

Christina Stohn
Photographer, Germany
Course title: Photographing Home: Meanings and Representations (Spring 2023)

Andrea Ventura
Illustrator/Painter, Italy (Living in Berlin)
Course title: Making Faces: Drawing and Illustration (Spring 2022)

Jacky Comforty
Filmmaking, Israel
Course title: Documentation and Media Creation (Spring 2018)
Course title: Documentation and Media Creation (Spring 2019)

Adina Mocanu and Alexandra Sand
Performance Art, Romania
Course title: Performance Art as Daily Life (Spring 2017)

Deborah Yarchun
Playwright, NYC
Course title: Playwriting: A Writing Community (Spring 2016)

Avi Katz
Illustration, Israel
Course title: The Art of Character Design: Putting Your Ideas to Paper (Spring 2015)

Linda Hughes
Jewelry and Design, Australia
Course title: The Psychology of Adornment (Fall 2013)

Jurriaan Benschop
Art Curator, Holland via Berlin
Course title: The Changing European Art Map After 1989 (Fall 2013)

Berglind Jóna Hlynsdóttir
Multimedia Arts, Iceland
Course title: Into an Altermodern Future: A Changing Perspective on Contemporary Art Practice and Theory (Fall 2012)

Reinhold Engberding
Sculpture, Germany
Course title: Precious Trash? How Art Is Changing Materials and Minds (Spring 2012)

David Constable
Painting, Scotland
Course title: Industrial Pastoral: American Progress (Fall 2011)

Kathryn Wardill
Jewelry and Design, Australia
Course title: Contemporary Jewelry Design in the Fine Arts (Spring 2010)

Adolfo Enrique Cifuentes Porras
Multimedia Arts, Columbia via Brazil
Course title: The Architecture of Seeing: Spaces for Viewing Arts and Media (Fall 2009)

Maria do Carmo de Freitas Veneroso
Printmaking, Brazil
Course title: Word and Image in 20th Century Art (Spring 2009)

Neal Haslem
Graphic Design, Australia
Course title: Design for Public Space (Fall 2008)

Franco Vecchiet
Printmaking, Italy
Course title: Woodblock Into Collagraph (Spring 2008)

Honor Freeman
Ceramics, Australia
Course title: Ceramics: Process and Concept (Fall 2007)

Achim MohnéMultimedia Arts, Germany
Course title: Media Recycling (Spring 2007)

Irina Hasnas Pascal
Textiles and Photography, Romania
Course title: Exotic & Banal (Fall 2006)

Angel Nuñez
Sculpture, Spain
Course title: Contemporary Sculpture Practice (Spring 2006)

Songyi Kim
Installation and Digital Media, Korea
Course title: Basic Digital Media & the Self (Fall 2005)

Maggie Cluzeau
Sculpture, France
Course title: Exploring Identity Through Sculpture (Fall 2004)