Politics, Identity, and Resistance - University/Race/History: US and South Africa

CLLC-L 120 / CLASS 33583 — Spring 2022

Foster-Martin 012A
Days and Times
M/W 3:30 p.m. - 6:00 p.m., Second Eight Weeks, 3 credits
Course Description

Over the last few years, student protests at South African universities have shaped competing ideas over what these institutions are for. Similarly, recent social movements in the United States – both on and off campuses – have highlighted how these institutions are often complicit in maintaining the status quo. This course situates contemporary social movements in history by exploring universities’ ties to the Atlantic slave trade, settler colonialism and apartheid. We will explore the impact of these systems of oppression on universities in South Africa and the US and examine how they have shaped the production of knowledge, student activism, struggles over language policy and visual culture.

Instructor: Janeke Thumbran – visiting scholar, Rhodes University, South Africa