Politics, Identity, and Resistance - Liberation in Black Sexuality in the US

CLLC-L 120 / CLASS 32717 — Spring 2024

Edmondson Hall C112
Days and Times
M/W 4:45 p.m. - 6:00 p.m., 3 credits
Course Description

The course is designed to explore how Blackness within African American culture and sexuality has developed and been portrayed in the United States from enslavement into modernity. The course will encompass analytical discussions based off feminist and intersectional readings, film and entertainment, and guest speakers working within Black Studies and Gender Studies. The goal of this course is to emphasize African American culture in the United States while centering sexuality as a form of agency and expression to the human experience, and the empowerment behind sexuality as a form of liberation.  

Instructor: Madison Clark

Selected by Board of Educational Programming (BOEP)