Culture, the Arts, and Society - Self-Governance, Sustainability, and the Arts

CLLC-L210 / CLASS 13279 — Spring 2021

Cravens B
Days and Times
F 10:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m., Second Eight Weeks, 3 credits
Course Description

Through this course, you’ll learn about and then witness Mexico’s local and global arts scene, cultural diversity, archaeological heritage, and community-based political institutions. Attend a traditional vela, visit museums and markets, and float the canals of Mexico City while learning about the farm-to-table movement and water use in the city. Through these experiences, you’ll learn about the successes and challenges of Mexico’s rural and urban communities with respect to self-governance, sustainability, and the arts.

SustainCollins course – open to all residents.

Includes a required summer field experience in Oaxaca, Mexico, May 9-23.
Application online at (deadline November 10)

Instructor: Stacie King