Uses of the Past - Troubling Identity Politics

CLLC-L 220 / CLASS 33374 — Fall 2020

Foster Shea 012B
Days and Times
M/W 2:30 p.m. - 5:00 p.m., Second Eight Weeks, 3 credits
Course Description

What is known as “identity politics” is often explored in abstruse ways. Yet marginalized groups’ calls for the recognition of their identities have become increasingly prominent in global politics. This interdisciplinary course is aimed at expanding students’ knowledge and comparative and contextual analysis of what is known as “identity politics”. “Troubling” in the seminar title therefore refers to students’ needs to expand, revise or strengthen their knowledge through the seminar focus on topical debates, critiques and arguments about identity politics. Students will acquire tools and concepts drawn from cultural studies, feminism and critical race theory to explore the paradoxes of key examples in South Africa and the United States. The seminars will provide students with a foundation for researching and analyzing identity politics in the present day. This grounding is likely to support future studies in the fields of politics, feminism and cultural studies.


Instructor: Desiree Lewis