Uses of the Past - Food and Famine in Global History

CLLC-L 220 / CLASS 32491 — Fall 2023

Edmondson Hall C112
Days and Times
Tu/Th 11:30 a.m. - 12:45 p.m., 3 credits
Course Description

This course will examine food and lack of food in global history. In doing so, the course focuses on key periods that spread different types of food across the global. This includes events like, the Columbian Exchange, the slave trade, and colonialism. The course focuses on how food has moved around the globe impacting, economics, politics, and culture in a variety of places. Special focus will be placed on the African roots of foods in the United States and Latin America. The second half of the course turns to histories of famine, to show how the absence of food has also impacted global history. A sustained theme through the course will also be sustainability. What has food production and agriculture looked like throughout history and how might it have a more sustainable future? Similarly, how can environmental sustainability and sustainable development prevent future famine and hunger?

SustainCollins course – open to all Collins students.

Instructor: Avenel Rolfsen

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