Culture, the Arts, and Society - Self, Other, and the In-Between

CLLC-L 210 / CLASS 32814 — Fall 2022

Edmondson Hall classroom
Days and Times
M/W 11:30 a.m. - 12:45 p.m., 3 credits
Course Description

To what extent do we get to choose our identities? Is identity determined by one's self-knowledge or in "the eye of the beholder"? Do our "roots" shape who we become? In this course we will explore both liberatory and socially responsible answers to these questions through readings from both the social sciences and the humanities. We will explore the paradoxical way that identity emerges in the intersection of pre-determined categories for social belonging, and creative expression through these categories. Sampling works of autobiography, memoir, biographical fiction and auto-ethnography, we will consider how different styles of writing enable access to stories identity oppression and resistance in diverse cultural contexts. Throughout the semester students will keep mixed-media journals reflecting on their experiences of self-discovery in their daily lives in Bloomington. In class we will build supportive community through co-creative activities and attentive listening as we take turns reading or presenting our work.

Instructor: Gaya Morris

Collins Seminars: Selected by Board of Educational Programming (BOEP)