Culture, the Arts, and Society - Ghost Narratives and Encounters

CLLC-L210 / CLASS 35759 — Fall 2022

Edmondson Hall classroom
Days and Times
M/W/F 10:20 a.m. – 11:10 am, 3 credits
Course Description

The first part of Ghost Narratives and Encounters will explore folkloric and pop culture ghost stories from around the globe in oral traditions, literature, and film. These narratives will be investigated for uncovering cultural values and expressions of gender, class, sexuality, race, and nationality within their contexts. The second portion of the class will examine the ways that people interact with ghosts and spirits through legend tripping, caring for spirits, death rituals, ghost celebrations, ghost commodification, dark tourism, spirit mediumship, possession, and paranormal investigations. Students will have the opportunities for community involvement through fieldwork, participation of the IU ghost tour, visits to local legend tripping sites, and exposure to guest speakers who hold positions in the supernatural realm. Assignments throughout the course will accumulate into a final project that will present varieties of ghost narratives and encounters in a geographic location chosen by the student.

Instructor: Holly Mathews

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