Culture, the Arts, and Society - Discovering the Artist's Book - Explore and Create in a Fascinating Artistic Medium

CLLC-L 210 / CLASS 11343 — Fall 2022

Edmondson Hall classroom
Days and Times
Tu/Th 3:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m., 3 credits
Course Description

Artist’s books are a 20th century phenomenon where various types of visual media interact with one another and where concept is further emphasized through unique book structures. The focus of this course is on practice; we will experiment with a variety of book structures from traditional to experimental bindings. We will be cognizant of how book structure, image-making processes, layout, design, and text convey and emphasize your ideas so that craft and content are fully integrated in the artists’ books you make. The course gives you a new avenue in which to explore a variety of image and text making processes. We will also explore the evolution of artists’ books from the earliest forms through the explosion in creativity and concept that occurred in the 1960’s and beyond. Through readings and visits to the collections of the Lilly and Fine Arts Libraries, you will be exposed to a vast array of possibilities for the book as an artistic medium.

Instructor: Yara Clüver