Culture, the Arts, and Society - Children's Literature of the World

CLLC-L 210 / CLASS 13994 — Fall 2023

Edmondson Hall C112
Days and Times
Tu/Th 9:45 a.m. - 11:00 a.m., 3 credits
Course Description

This course is a survey of texts written for children in different countries since the 19th century. The first weeks of the course will explore the idea of what being a child means and how – and by whom – this concept was built. We will also study the history of how and why children’s book began to be produced and how this reflects on today’s publications for children. The second portion will investigate the way topics considered by many to be “too mature,” like violence, politics, death, and sexuality, can be incorporated in children’s narratives. Stories from various cultures will be examined for comprehending how the approach of such subjects can change according to countries and decades. Also, we will discuss censorship applied to children’s books and if it can be used as an effective tool to shape societies. Assignments include a close reading of a children’s books chosen by students.

Instructor: Taís Xavier Carvalho

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